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kitchen full of healthy foods

Mindshift 2 Phase Protocol

If your aspirations revolve around digestion, mental wellness, weight management, hormone balancing, or overall health, I can assist you in attaining optimal well-being. My philosophy involves taking a proactive and preventative stance towards health by identifying the root cause of nutritional deficiencies and external factors that impact well-being.

MindShift 2 Phase Protocol is for those who suffer with...

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MindShift 2 Phase Protocol

Cindy Mueller CHt. BSc. MSc. RHN

What is MindShift 2 Phase Protocol?

With our approach, you can eliminate negative behaviours and habits and live an enhanced, more fulfilled life. Don't let these symptoms hold you back any longer.

kitchen full of healthy foods


Phase 1

Achieve your health goals with a deep dive into your diet and lifestyle to determine nutrient deficiencies and daily habits that may be causing your symptoms.


  • Full assessment for your current diet and lifestyle

  • 90 minute nutrition consultation

  • Follow up appointment to address any lingering issues


Phase 2

We'll access the subconscious mind through hypnotherapy to dissolve those old damaging habits and instill new healthy ones.


  • 3 professional hypnosis sessions

  • Receive full session recordings to watch at home

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All programs offer a 3 or 6 month payment plan.

  • Adding MindShift to healthy eating and lifestyle is where the real mag...

kitchen full of healthy foods

Not sure what program is right for you?

Let me help you choose in a complementary assessment.


Your Journey to Success Starts Now

Listen to What Others Have Achieved
"I wanted to let you know, my eczema has totally removed itself from my arms, leg and chest.  I know your teachings have leant my body some relief and feel that the gut has seen such a relief.  I can tell after a day or "poor eating" once in a blue moon - I know exactly how it makes me feel, lousy.  I love and crave so many of the power foods in my diet now."
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